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Social bubble’s primary goal is to rank every brand at the top. The SEO team has always been very driven to master the use of keywords. The keyword game has the power to totally change the situation. To score highly in search engines like Google for particular terms your audience is searching for, it is important to write blog posts that are SEO-friendly. The vast majority of users will click on your post when it is at the top of the search results rather than competing posts that are listed lower. Increased traffic, leads, and income may result from this. 

How to write blog posts for SEO 

It’s crucial to realise that you cannot simply write any blog post and anticipate receiving thousands of Google visits. That is not how it operates. You must conduct your research and write your blog posts with SEO in mind if you want to have the highest chance of ranking. 

Here are five ways to accomplishing that 

Choose a keyword 

Verify search intent. 

Pick a successful format and angle. 

Create a data-driven plan. 

Write the article 

Find a keyword 

Each blog post you write should be optimized for one main keyword, and that keyword should be something that people are actually searching for month after month. After all, it’s impossible to get search traffic to a blog post about a topic that nobody is searching for. 

Where do you look for keywords? Utilize a keyword tool. 

Check the Phrase Match keyword suggestions report after entering a few generic “seed” words or phrases associated with the subject of your blog. 

If you run a cuisine blog, for instance, you might utilise “seed “keywords like: 

  • Chicken 
  • Pasta 
  • Recipe 
  • Recipes 
  • Ribs 
  • steak 

It would be pointless to write blog posts about every one of the roughly 14 million keywords that Keywords Explorer identifies that contain one or more of these phrases. You must quickly scan the list to find the subjects that make sense to you. 

A food blogger would have every reason to write about “chicken tikka masala” but not “chicken pox,” for instance. 

If your blog is relatively new, you might wish to focus on low-difficulty concepts by lowering the Keyword Difficulty (KD) filter setting 

Pick a successful format and angle. 

You can’t just publish any old post and rank in the top spots even if searchers are looking for blog content because they frequently have specific queries in mind. To create a successful format and angle for your post, you must identify what this is. 

Selecting a successful format 

Most blogs use one of the following formats for their posts: 

How-to manual 

A step-by-step guide 

A list of opinions 

Review \sComparison 

How can you tell what format users are seeking? Look for the search results that use the prevalent format. 

What is SEO writing 

Writing content for search engines like Google’s first page through SEO is a process. This entails conducting keyword research, crafting excellent content that adheres to user intent, and improving headers for straightforward page crawling. 


How do you know what format users are looking for when they search? In the search results, look for the prevalent format. 

For instance, listicles dominate the “dinner ideas” search results: 

12 Guidelines for Including SEO in Your Writing 

1. Make good use of headings

Headers make your blog article and its sections easier for Google’s web spiders to interpret. Consider the crawlers to be skimming readers of your blog. Your H1 heading should provide a summary of the topics your article will cover. Then, your H2s, H3s, and H4s dissect the article’s subtopics. Your subheaders should therefore include high-intent keywords and mirror the content of the body. You have a far better chance of ranking on the SERP when you employ the proper keywords or those that your target audience uses. 

Not for search engines, but for people

With all these SEO recommendations, it might be simple to forget that a user is looking for a solution when they search on Google. The greatest strategy for you to increase your chances of ranking is to produce blog entries of excellent quality. How does that appear? Comprehensive responses, easily scanned parts, arranged subheaders, and graphic assistance. Consider your buyer personas’ motives, difficulties, and interests. Additionally, it’s crucial to pick subjects that will appeal to and solve the problems of your potential clients. You can choose to use content writing SEO tools to help you create precise, condensed, and reader-friendly content that will rank highly and lure people, even though certain SEO tools can help with the technical components of your website.. Numerous tools are available to help you determine how long visitors stay on a page if they visit numerous pages, and how far they scroll across your websites. 

In your meta description, use keywords. 

Do you give your post meta descriptions? If the answer is “no,” you’re probably not exposing your post to as many people as you could. Let’s discuss their significance. Subheaders, keywords, and snippets are a few of the ways a blog post might interact with Google that we’ve already covered. That is not a complete list, though. Google also analyses meta descriptions to determine search results. The one- to three-sentence summaries that appear beneath a result’s title is known as meta descriptions. 

Don’t overuse keywords in your content

The objective is to properly optimize your page without being intrusive. Find natural places to incorporate keywords, but don’t overdo it to the point where your material becomes unreadable. 

Avoid using a meta description that reads, “Sales for account-based marketing startups,” for instance, if your keywords are “account-based marketing,” “startups,” and “sales.” 

To make the description more natural, consider concentrating on one or two keywords instead: “Are you trying to up your account-based marketing game? Are you looking for killer strategies? Explore our methods in this post, which are supported by research this strategy allows you to include keywords while not oversaturating the post. Do not forget that you are trying to solve this for your audience. Poor reading experiences will tell Google that your post might not be what they are looking for. 

You must take the next few simple measures to position your brand at the top of every search engine. You may read more about strategic branding on Social Bubbles’ wonderful blog, which will continue to be published. The main need and crucial item are to make your dream brand the most prominent everywhere. 

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