Paid social media is a digital marketing means of targeting a certain sub-audience by presenting advertising or sponsored marketing messages on major social media sites.

Due to the algorithms at work behind the scenes of the most prominent social media sites, organic social media traffic can take days to create. If you’re running a short campaign, the time it takes to get your campaign up and running can cost you visibility and leads. Your campaign can get off to a fast start with paid social media, which organic posts simply can’t equal. In addition to sustaining views, traffic, and engagement for as long as your credit card will allow, you’ll be able to retarget consumers with your advertising to reach a controlled advertisement frequency.

Paid social media marketing is a necessity these days if you want to increase your visibility on social media networks. Not only do customers spend up to two hours a day on social media sites, but over 90% of marketers say their social media marketing efforts have increased their company’s exposure.

Types of Social Media Ads

  • Messenger Ads – Social media advertising exists on Facebook Messenger as well as in newsfeeds and stories. Ads like these are routinely shown in the middle of a discussion. If users want to buy them or learn more about them, they can click on them. It will send them to specific websites where they may learn more about specific items and services.
  • Story Ads – Instagram’s story ads are quite popular. Every day, it has around a billion active users. Instagram collects information from users’ devices and displays adverts that are relevant to them. All the social media platforms are offering story ads at the time and can be used to check the engagement of the audience.
  • Photo Ads – The most popular form of advertising is photo ads. They’re all over social media, so they’re everywhere. Photo advertising is easier to use than story or video ads. There is no time limit because users can easily swipe through them after they have finished looking at them.
  • Video Ads – With the excessive video content available on social media platforms, people prefer short videos. In today’s fast-paced world, people don’t have time to spare, thus they choose shorter videos with as much information as possible. These advertisements are commonly seen across all social media platforms.

Choosing the right channel to run the paid campaign can be a tricky business. But we are here for you to help you with all the research and to plan the digital marketing campaign in order to achieve your business goals. We ensure that the campaign run –

  • Increase your reach by targeting the right set of audiences,
  • Increase your visibility of content,
  • Increase the in-person and website traffic,
  • And strengthen your online presence.

SocialBubbles digital marketing agency provides various other digital marketing services to help you flourish your existing businesses.

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