Role of Pandemic Situations

Role of Pandemic Situation - COvid 20

Role of Pandemic Situations

Covishield V/S Covaxin

Firstly, you all know the chor­police system of your body .The chor is the virus and police is your body cells , your immunity (WBCs). These cells are fight for the virus entering into your body, now that this corona virus is new to our systems , the cells in your body dosen’t recognize them, and secondly even if they do, tab tak to khel ho chuka hota hai. Hence , the concept of vaccine comes into the frame . Until the medicine comes into being, all we have in hand is during role of pandemic situation to get our bodies accquianted with the virus and expect the body to fight with it, in full fledged dhishoom dhishoom!! 


Okay, so the body has come equipped with certain cells , namely T­cells which are responsible for producing memory
T­cells that remember the virus and B­cells are responsible for producing virus specific antibodies. During role of pandemic situation basically preparing our body for future infection.T­cells and B­cells tum bohot mast kam karta hai .

So how is Covishield different from Covaxin ?

Role of Pandemic Situation

So how is Covishield different from Covaxin ?

Since , we have history confirming man has evolved out of a chimpanzee, our sayanists thought why not use this
knowledge somehow , finally they came up vaccine named Covishield. The Covishield uses chimpanzee adeno virus
approach. When you get Covishield vaccine , you don’t get injected with the actual SARS­COV­2 virus but you instead get injected with an adeno virus that infects chimpanzee.
The Adeno virus which is used in Covishield vaccine is specific strain of virus that causes sardi in chinpanzees.
Now that the vaccinantion for adults is all set to roll , let’s have a look at the differences between Covishield & Covaxin.
Now , Covaxin(BBV152) is an inactivated SARS – COV­2 virus vaccine ,whereas Covishield (ChAdOx1) is a
chimpanzee adeno virus vaccine.

Role of Pandemic Situation - COvid

What exaclty do these fancy terms mean ?
An inactivate virus won’t cause an infection in your body , it’s basically powerless. But it will do one thing – help our body make SARS­COV­2 specific antibodies.The mechanism of an inactivates virusis simple – When covaxin is administered, the T­cells and the B­cells detect the inactivated virus particles. Covaxin (BBV152)uses inactivated virus approach. When you get covaxin , you are getting injected with actual SARSCOV­2 virus particles which are inactivated.It’s like jadoo striped away all the powers which he gave to Rohit. Maa mujhe kuch nahi dikh raha maa. Powerless.

How does the adeno virus approach some work?

Adeno virus employed in Covishield is modified to hold a corona virus gene. When Covishield is run the adeno virus enters the living cell and also the modifies gene instructs the cell to supply SARS-COV-2 spike proteins and display it on the surface of the cell. our body starts building immunity, after these spike proteins detected by the T-cells and B- cells . Farak yeh hai ki — Covishield is using adeno virus to create the spike protein present on the surface of corona virus and Covaxin is using actual corona virus.e cel

Role of Pandemic Situation - COvid 19

So, which vaccine should you take?

Take any vaccine which is out there. No nakhra . Every vaccine is nice.The mechanism of vaccines could also be different but they serve the identical goal, minimising the probabilities of hospitalisation and death. And the excellent news is that both Covishield and Covaxin are effective against B.1.617(double mutant) variant.

 Go take the vaccine. do not believe those whatsapp forwards. Koi tension ki baat nahi okay.

Publish by -: Nishita Waghmare

Author-: Nehal Gupta