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Data analysis is examining information and modeling data to discover useful information, suggest conclusions and support decision-making. Data analytics is a broad field which encompasses the use of data analysis techniques to gain insight from a variety of data sources. Also, data analytics help organizations better understand the market and customers they operate in. Data analytics is a business tool for businesses of all sizes by leveraging data to gain insights. Social bubbles help you analyze customer data and generate insights that can improve customer service, product design and marketing campaigns. Additionally, it will help you evaluate the effectiveness of existing strategies and identify areas of improvement that lead to increased business. At Social Bubbles with the help of data analysis, we help businesses make decisions in a more scientific way and effectively. Further with the help of data mining which is part of data analysis, we focus on statistical modeling and knowledge discovery for predictive purposes. Data analysis helps businesses to make informed decisions.



Knowing your audience better

Social bubbles segregate your targeted audience according to your business motive; this is essential in data analysis as it helps us know the audience better and then plan the content and designs accordingly.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once we do the in-depth study of your targeted audience and business purpose, our next role is to add essential keywords and edit or re-write the content for your website so that your website is more attractive and user-friendly, which will help your website to reach the top in the ranking and also generate useful organic leads.


Forecasting your future outcomes

Keeping track of your overall progress and analyzing real-time data is essential to data analysis. All of these insights help to understand the market better and accordingly change or improve your marketing strategy.


Data analytics tool

Data analytics will only work properly with the right analytics tools. This can help you test new tactics, address issues, bring about new ideas, and track performance. Social Bubbles uses the latest digital analytics tools, which are efficient and effective.

How does it help?

Analyzing data is a very important part of digital marketing. It helps you test your marketing efforts in a very systematic way. This makes it easier to decide future strategy and evaluate the current reach with proper records.

Why choose us?

We have Data Analyst as part of our operations and help brand:

Forecast your future outcomes.

Help your brand decide on a new strategy.

Tracking growth digitally through all platforms.

Our FAQs

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Data analysis is gathering real-time data and insight into the overall marketing strategy so that it helps the marketer to understand the market even better.

There are several benefits of data analysis; it helps you to keep track of all the activities, for example, your social media insight, website, ad campaigns etc. keeping record and track of these activities will make it easier for you to change or edit the strategy according to the changing market.

We at Social Bubbles have modern tools that track our overall activities. Besides that, we have a team of skilful analytics who constantly scan your marketing activities. Data tracking is essential for the clients and the agency, so there is a digital record of every activity.

The data gathered could be very useful to the companies to understand some basic questions like where the business strategy is lacking and, as a Digital Marketing Agency, what we can offer you as a solution to the questions and problems.


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